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'The Best Neighbour Birthday Calendar'

Format 148 mm x 148 mm
32 pages
Full Colour

You can create your own personalized page on page 5, have topics removed and/or let us create new topics and drawings especially for your associations situation. And, if you like, you can put your logo at the bottom of every page.

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House rules Signs

Example: you can choose with or without marks.

There are rules in common areas.
Rules to ensure that they remain clean and tidy, to ensure residents do not cause disturbances, and to ensure that they are safe. These rules are usually not the priority of the residents themselves, who often do not know which rules apply. Sometimes there is a perspex sign or a framed A4 with some prohibitions and rules without any coherence or an attractive design. Residents often do not even notice the information.

Papafume has developed a new product to draw attention to the house rules in the common areas. Attractive information signs that draw attention to the “do’s” and “don’ts” in a friendly, tidy and clear manner.

You can choose between two illustration styles. See examples below. And you will find all topics in the pdf.

In the PDF below you will also find information about the material, possibilities and costs. Please contact us for further enquiries

Style 1

Style 2

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'Hey great...Neighbours!'

This cute little booklet is used by housing associations to enhance neighbourly consciousness among your their clients.
It's packed with tips and tricks to facilitate a good relation between neighbours.

It's used in 7 countries and available in 4 languages.
"Hey Great Neighbours"
"Vivre en bon voisinage"
"Nachbarn, ach ja!"
"Oh ja de buren! (Dutch)

Format 148 mm x 148 mm
16 pages
Full Colour

Modifications are limitless. You can create your own personalized page on the back, have items removed or let us create new topics and drawings especially for your associations situation.

Two pages from the book

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Looking for an illustration concerning neighbourly behavior? Take a look in our illustration database. You might find what you need in one of your publications.

Order them by e-mail and receive them in PDF format.
Once you ordered you have full right of use for all publications in your organization.
Costs: GBP 50,— (ex. VAT 21%).

Can’t find what you need in our database? We can also help you with ‘custom made’ illustrations. Costs: GBP 85,—(ex. VAT 21%).

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